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  • Aurora Long Plate Levers

    A unique combination of style and innovation. The Aurora range of levers are inspired by the popular Gainsborough Aurora lever. This means you can have the same style of lever on almost every door of a home.

    Available in both standard and disability compliant (DDA) models. Comes in black, silver and can also be powder coated to any colour at our Melbourne based factory. Easy to use, easy to install and can be used on timber and aluminium doors.

  • Verta Euro CylinderVerta Euro Cylinder SS

    Verta™ Euro Cylinders

    Verta Euro profile cylinders are suitable to use for a wide range of applications. The Euro cylinders feature a clutch mechanism which allows a key to unlock from one side, while another key is still in the keyway on the other side. They are made of solid brass and have been thoroughly tested to establish quality and durability

  • Verta™ Long Plate Levers

    Close one door, open another. Hide away or reveal a room. Match the back door to the front, use the same lever on a cupboard as on the bedroom door. Inside or out, Verta’s designer accent reflect and enhance your individual style.

  • Virtus 4 point lock

    Virtus Hinged Door Mortice Lock

    The perfect lock for Verta hardware. Virtus locks are easy to use, easy to install and can be used on timber and aluminium doors.

  • Sorrento MK2 Patio Lock

    A reliable 30mm backset mortice lock for aluminium and timber framed doors having a beveled latch bolt that is extended further into the strike plate when locked by key or snib.

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